Through the Heart of Storytelling. You will be Found

Having the eyes of a visual storyteller, when you are in front of my camera, it is Your lifestory that is unfolding like a fairytale in a subtle sense of heirloom legacy. 
You are a magical human being worthy to be celebrated no matter what life milestone you are at the moment.
In my journey to discover others, I got the opportunity to discover myself, through self-portraiture. This path allowed me to know better my limits and overcome my fears.
My favorite way of expression is the fairytale session where I have the freedom to bend the line between reality and my imagination always looking to frame all images in a magical light.
I love cultural diversity and portraying simple emotions, surreal stories of fairylands, and divine embraces. I find inspiration in the past to create hope for the future. The complexity and beauty of nature, the fragility and struggle of human dreams, the vintage times of gratefulness and genuine curiosity, the cocooning of motherhood, the celebration of life stories, and the metamorphosis of personal spiritual journeys are themes often celebrated in my artwork. 

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